Conférence sur la traduction et la technologie

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Le jeudi 31 mars 2016, 13h à 14h à La Rotonde, La Cité universitaire francophone, Université de Regina (LI-216)  Gratuit, mais inscription obligatoire à l'adresse suivante :  document.write( 'Kenn' +'eth.B' +'os@ur' +'egina' +'.ca' ); Cycle de conférences des 10 ans du CRFM...

Petition: Urge the UN to protect translators and interpreters worldwide

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CTTIC Certification exam

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The CTTIC certification exam will be held in Regina and Saskatoon on Saturday, April 25. Please contact Shannon Bachorick by email at ( document.write( '' +'a' ); document.write( '' +'tisas' +'k@gma' +'' +'m' ); ) to register by February 25. There will...

ATIO Preparatory Course

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You want to get ready for the CTTIC Exam, or just want to improve your translations? The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) has the perfect training opportunity for you! Th ATIO Preparatory Course is a correspondance course open to all members of the ATIS. To...

The challenges of translating humour

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I translated a joke I'd heard once, from English into French. I was so proud of myself because a) I translate the other way and b) I was able to keep the sense of the joke by adapting it rather than translating it. Nobody else seemed to get excited by this stupendous feat though, much to...

Another CTTIC-EDU course!

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CTTIC-EDU has just uploaded its eighteenth online course. Called “Advancing Your Translation Career Through Social Media,” this course was prepared and will be presented by Marcela Jenney-Reyes. It is designed for all freelance translators, especially those who do not yet have a presence...

Asymptote literary translation journal

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Asymptote is an exciting new international journal dedicated to literary translation and bringing together in one place the best in contemporary writing. We are interested in encounters between languages and the consequences of these encounters. Though a translation may never...

Understanding the difference between translation and interpreting

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Effective translation and interpreting are both vital assets to global businesses looking to seek growth in rapidly expanding economies, such as Brazil, China and India. However, there are many distinct differences between these two disciplines and it's important to establish the right service...