Code of Professional Ethics

All members of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Saskatchewan shall respect the Code of Professional Ethics of their profession. In particular, they undertake:

1. To accept full responsibility for their work;

2. Not to claim any skills or qualifications that they do not possess and to accept work only in the fields in which they are competent;

3. To keep abreast of new terminology and techniques;

4. To respect the interests of their clients and consider as confidential all the information to which they have access; not to use such information to the detriment of their clients or to their own advantage or that of a third party;

5. To refrain from unfair competition with their colleagues;

6. To share their knowledge with their colleagues in a spirit of mutual assistance and to support the organizations representing their profession to the best of their ability;

7. To assist and encourage beginners in the profession.