Membership Fee and Payment

Pricing Scheme For The 2023 Membership Period

(Jan. 1 - Dec. 31)


Annual Membership Renewal Per Member Category
  • Certified Members Annual Membership - $150
  • Associate Members Annual Membership - $100
  • Affiliate Members Annual Membership - $100


Exams Per Type Of Exam
  • ATIS Admission exam (Associate level) - $250
  • ATIS Certification Exam - $450 (will increase next year)


Exam Viewing Fee

ATIS is run and managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, with contracted administrative support. The board is committed to supporting prospective members and members in good standing, including professional development.

For that reason, the board can provide exam viewing, while requesting a fee covering some parts of the expenses related to that process. As per the February 2023 board meeting, the following fees now apply:

  • Flat fee to appeal the Certified exam results - $250


Payment Options

Payments can be made by

  1. Electronic transfer to  [email protected]
  2. Checks sent to PO Box 384 RPO Main, REGINA SK S4P 3A2 (Payee: ATIS)

Please ensure that you are using the correct amount before sending out payment. All incorrect payment will be refunded in full and a new payment requested.