Thank you

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Thank you

On September 30th, the World is celebrating International Translation Day as a thank you to all the translators and interpreters out there that are making it possible for two different worlds to meet and communicate.

But the thank yous should not be restricted to only a day in the calendar, but rather, should be organic and throughout the whole year. So, here we are starting this "tradition" of saying thank you to all the people that made a difference in ATIS in 2023. (And, there are still more days left in the year for YOU to make a positive impact!)

Thank you / Gracias / Merci

- Marie Mailhot - for countless hours in redesigning the ATIS website; for the energy that could move mountains

- Ricardo Arisnabarretta-Montejo, Lifeng Chen, Cadiz Spanish School of Saskatoon, Tatiana Zotova, Sam Rezazadeh - for their generous contribution of knowledge, skills, and experience, in providing us with foreign language texts & translations for our membership admission process

- Angela S. (Admin Assist) and Kawal Kahlon (VP) - Thank you for your hard work in making the International Translation Day event a success.

- Louise McCullough and Olga Bondarenko - Thank you for your great presentations during the International Translation Day event. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive!

- Affinity Credit Union - Thank you for the financial support of the International Translation Day event.

Thank you to one and all!