Standard Contract for Freelancers

Please note: This contract is very general and is not intended to cover all circumstances. It is in no way binding on the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Saskatchewan (ATIS). It is only offered as a suggestion for translators and their clients. 

The undersigned _____________________________________________ (translator’s name, address and contact numbers) agrees to translate from ________________  (source language) to ____________________  (target language) the following text _________________________________________ (title and description of text) consisting of ___________________________________words, (specify number of words in figures) at the rate of __________________________________ cents a word (specify amount in figures) OR for a fee of _____________________________________________ (specify amount in words and figures).

The translator agrees to deliver the finished document by:

email ___________ 

hard copy ___________ (specify number)

Name and contact number(s) of contact person the translator will call upon if necessary:

The translator agrees/does not agree to correct proofs of his/her translation after page layout.

Any alteration to the text made once the translation is in progress will be considered as new material, and charged accordingly.

The translator accepts no responsibility for changes made in his/her translation by any other person.

Client: _______________________________________

Translator: ____________________________________

Witness: ______________________________________

Date: __________