I am on the fence... What are the advantages of being a member of ATIS?

  • All members of ATIS—both associate and certified—are listed in the directory on the ATIS Web site. It is an excellent way to promote yourself to prospective clients.
  • ATIS members are also welcome to attend the annual general meeting and the workshops during these meetings.
  • Members can also take advantage of reduced rates for courses given by other provincial associations and certain organizations dedicated to professional development in our industry.
  • Most importantly, being a member of ATIS helps to foster high professional standards in translation and interpretation services in Saskatchewan. For example, certified translators can translate official documents such as birth certificates and university transcripts.
  • ATIS-certified translators and interpreters are members by affiliation of the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC). The status of certified member is portable among all CTTIC member bodies.
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