ATIS will be holding an admission exam in Regina on Saturday, June 27 at 10 a.m. for the proficiency exam and 2 p.m. for the translation exam. The location will be determined closer to the exam date. There will also be an admission exam held in the fall in Saskatoon.

To recap, the first step in becoming a certified translator is to become an associate member of ATIS. To do this, you must first pass the ATIS admission exam. This exam is delivered in two parts: first a proficiency exam (either a comprehension or an editing exam, depending on source language) and a translation exam. If you have passed the proficiency exam within the past two years of June 27, you do no not have to write it again IF you are writing a translation exam from the same source language (e.g. you passed the editing exam and subsequently wrote the Spanish to English translation exam. You do not have to write the proficiency exam again if you writing another language into English. You would, however, have to write the comprehension exam if you were attempting to write the English to Spanish translation exam). Once you have passed both parts of the admission exam and have paid your membership dues as an associate translator, you can then start the process to become a certified translator.

Please complete the information requested on the Exams page. You can then pay either the admission exam fee or the translation rewrite fee on the ATIS home page. Feel free to ask any questions about this process. The deadline for registration is June 21.

ATIS strongly encourages anyone who has written the translation exam in the past six months to speak with a reviser or other mentor before writing the exam again at this time in order to discuss any areas for improvement. Translation is a skill honed over time; it isn't always a matter of being bilingual. Furthermore, while we encourage junior translators to join ATIS and grow with us in their profession, the ATIS admission exam unfortunately is not a training tool for individuals who want to become translators. Thank  you for your understanding.

We look forward to seeing you at the end of June!