MultiCorpora Empowers Buyers of Translation with Newest Version of MultiTrans Prism

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Paris, France, June 4th, 2012 - MultiCorpora, an international provider of industry-leading translation technology solutions, has announced the release of MultiTrans Prism version 5.5 at the Localization World conference. MultiTrans Prism 5.5 is a translation management system that ushers in a new era for the translation industry by offering translation buyers three levels of control over the process of outsourcing translations or handling them in-house.  

Although the current version of MultiTrans Prism already offers translation buyers control over the management of their translation assets and projects, the new MultiTrans Prism Web Editing Server featured in Prism 5.5 significantly extends control to the management of translation processes specifically in areas relating to traceability, confidentiality, and productivity. Web-based access licenses for contributors throughout the translation supply chain may automatically be granted and revoked as projects proceed through stages from inception to conclusion without the actual content ever leaving the secure server. MultiTrans Prism 5.5 can be fully integrated with content management systems and, with its new reporting capabilities, the buyer has a complete view over translation business management.

“MultiTrans Prism 5.5 is a game changer in the language industry because individuals responsible for translation budgets will be able to optimize the translation process. They get peace of mind knowing that the latest translation assets are automatically and fully leveraged, that projects and timelines are tracked and monitored, that the translation activities are centralized and totally secure, and that their resources are using the most updated versions of translation and revision tools. This version strengthens the business management functionality that is part of MultiTrans Prism's Flow module,” said MultiCorpora CEO, Pierre Blais. “Customers who have already seen our sneak-peak previews are very excited about the new functionality and versatility of MultiTrans Prism 5.5.”  

About MultiCorpora

MultiCorpora is an internationally established organization that is exclusively dedicated to the development and support of its flagship software product, MultiTrans Prism, for the language industry. Its language technology and unique expertise allow MultiCorpora to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for organizations who manage translation departments, outsource translation services, or who need machine translation or a terminology management database. MultiCorpora is committed to improving efficiencies for people involved with language management. Successes are measured by the return-on-investment that MultiCorpora's customers receive by implementing their solution. With over 10 years of experience developing language technology software, MultiCorpora is one of the few independent language technology experts in the world that has the experience, the capacity and the competency to deliver solutions benefiting buyers and providers of translation and localization services. With offices in North America and Europe, MultiCorpora leverages the expertise of more than 250 clients for the benefit of its worldwide user community. Numerous international governments and organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and language service providers are currently benefiting from MultiCorpora's language technology expertise.  

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