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CTTIC, the national body representing professional translators, interpreters and terminologists, has sent report of changes flowing from its recent AGM. Please take note of the details.

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Letter to CTTIC Affiliated Members 


CTTIC held its 2018 AGM in Winnipeg from November 9 to 11, 2018, and its new Board of Directors is happy to report on the newest development! 


Letter to CTTIC Affiliated Members 

New by-laws, new Board 


Thanks to the support of its member societies, CTTIC adopted new by-laws that better reflect its current mode of operation and should help it function more efficiently. A new Board of Directors was also elected and is now composed of the following people: 


Co-Presidents             Denis Couillard (ATIO president) 

                                 Alexandre Coutu (ATIM president) 

Secretary                   Estelle Bonetto (ATIS president) 

Treasurer                   Natali Bourret (CTINB treasurer) 


Board of Examiners     Mackenzie Birrell (STIBC) 

                                 Gracie Li (ATIM) 


Financial Situation 

After a few years of struggle, CTTIC’s finances have improved and we are now enjoying a more stable financial health. While an increase in member societies’ fees may be necessary in coming years, we are able to continue offering our services without an increase this year. For 2018-2019, fees remain unchanged at $30 per affiliated member. 


Membership in Fédération internationale des traducteurs 

As had been decided at the 2017 AGM, CTTIC renewed its Fédération internationale des traducteurs (FIT) membership in 2018. However, CTTIC has decided to focus on maximizing the use of its resources and, given the annual membership’s high cost (close to $6,000), the Council voted not to renew our FIT membership in 2019 and announced its decision to FIT shortly after the November AGM. 


Computerized Exams 

Excellent news! Candidates and member societies have been requesting for years that the various certification exams be offered in computerized format and we are happy to report that following a decision at the Winnipeg AGM, we can finally deliver!  

We believe this will provide candidates with a more natural testing environment. Since exams no longer need to be offered only once a year, member societies should have much more flexibility in deciding where and when they choose to offer CTTIC’s various certification exams (translation, terminology, court interpretation, community interpretation, conference interpretation, and medical interpretation). 

We also expect to be able to deliver exam results more rapidly as markers will not have to mark all exams at the same time. To continue to allow CTTIC to find and retain the best markers, and to ensure the stability of its exam process, we decided to increase markers’ fees to better reflect market value. This will lead to an equivalent increase in the cost of the exam. Note that the number of exams offered by CTTIC annually has been growing steadily and has almost doubled since 2015. The exam is in high demand and continues to be competitively priced. 

The computerized exam will significantly impact the way member societies offer and promote certification. A period of adaptation is to be expected, but when societies are ready to implement this important change, CTTIC will be ready to deliver the computerized version of the translation and interpretation certification exams. Note that pen and paper exams will continue to be available alongside the computerized exams. 


Taking Back Exam Administration 

For a number of years, STIBC and ATIO have handled the administration of CTTIC’s exam process. CTTIC is now in a position to confidently take back the administration of its exam process and did so, starting December 1, 2018! We are extremely thankful to STIBC and ATIO for their help; we couldn’t have done it without both societies all these years!